Michael Morrongiello's


The definitive home-study course for

structuring seller-financed transactions while

creating marketable real estate notes!

Marketable notes can be easily converted into

lump sum cash.


This is a comprehensive study course with proven expert advice on how to save time, headaches, and frustration while earning thousands extra.


You will learn:

CheckBox.gif How to create marketable real estate secured notes

CheckBox.gif Proven secrets to structuring marketable real estate paper transactions

CheckBox.gif A variety of "axioms" that allow you to tweak your seller-financed paper so

          that it is attractive to potential note funders

CheckBox.gif How to sell your property fast and for top dollar--often in just 30 days or less

CheckBox.gif How to stop relying on "traditional" institutional mortgage programs

CheckBox.gif How to creatively acquire and/or sell properties


You will learn the specific underwriting philosophies involved in structuring "paper" with detailed input surrounding many of the variables, such as:

CheckBox.gif Property type

CheckBox.gif Property use

CheckBox.gif Property condition

CheckBox.gif Property occupancy

CheckBox.gif Down payments

CheckBox.gif Payor employment

CheckBox.gif Payor Stability

CheckBox.gif Payor's overall credit profile

CheckBox.gif Payor's credit scores

CheckBox.gif And naturally, the repayment terms of the note


You'll see many examples of different transaction structures when dealing with marginal credit payors to cleaner credit payors.


This complete course is chocked full of valuable information and very reasonably priced. You'll get the 100+ page manual, 3 Audio CDs, plus the Forms CD.


The audio recordings are top notch with a Q & A style format.


Audio CD #1


About Notes, Mortgages, Contracts, and Assignments

Why "Value" is Subjective

Why do Folks Sell "Paper"?

Why Sell a Partial Interest in a Note

What Gets Recorded?

The Quickest Way to Sell Property

Using Wrap-Arounds

Taking a Deed in Lieu


Audio CD #2

The "Due on Sale" Clause

"Flavor of the Week" Loans

More about Wrap-Arounds

How to Buy for Terms and Still Generate Cash

Steps to a Simultaneous Closing

Why Owner Finance?

Creating Marketable Notes


Audio CD #3

Advantages to Seller

Working Pre-Foreclosures with Seller Financing

Why Hard Money is Expensive Money

Additional Advantages to Seller with Owner Financing

Advantages to the Buyer

Criteria for Seller Financing

Documenting Payment History

Dealing with Real Estate Agents

Packaging and Underwriting Issues


The Forms CD includes a number of helpful forms and checklists that will assist you in documenting, processing, and packaging your files, including:

CheckBox.gif Borrower's Credit Authorization

CheckBox.gif Buyer's Information Checklist

CheckBox.gif FNMA Loan Application

CheckBox.gif Gift Letter

CheckBox.gif Buyer's Good Faith Estimate

CheckBox.gif IRS W9

CheckBox.gif HUD-1

CheckBox.gif Note Information Worksheet

CheckBox.gif Note Submission Pricing Worksheet

CheckBox.gif Pre-Closing Checklist

CheckBox.gif Post-Closing Checklist

CheckBox.gif Submission Information Sheet

CheckBox.gif Transfer of Servicing Disclosure

CheckBox.gif Truth in Lending Statement

CheckBox.gif Verification of Employment

CheckBox.gif Request for Verification of Mortgage Loan or Credit Union

CheckBox.gif Request for Verification of Rent

CheckBox.gif Waiver of Escrow Impound

CheckBox.gif Wiring Instructions


The techniques you'll learn have worked well for many of Michael's students through many different real estate cycles. When you implement some of these concepts, you'll be amazed as you become less and less dependent on "traditional" institutional financing programs.


What Others Have Said About This Course


“Your material is very insightful and has helped me grasp the concepts involved in seller financing my properties…”

— Tim Jacobs, AAA Home Buyers, Richmond, VA


“You saved me a whole bunch of time climbing the seller financing learning curve –I absolutely love this course…”

— John Banham, Quality City Funding, Newark, NJ


“I’ve purchased other materials in the past which had a fraction of the content you have given me…thanks again for over delivering”

— Nancy Christopherson, Lighthouse Properties LLC,

Gig Harbor, WA


“I wish I had this material a long time ago to correct my mistakes and costly lessons learned the hard way. Now I know better…”

— Genaro Cabrera, Avondale, AZ


“Mike, great job- well written, outlined, and recorded – and what a value.  I picked up numerous tips along the way…”

— Bobbie Sue Martin, C & C Realty & Investments, Milton, FL


“My fear of the unknown is gone. You’ve made owner financing easy to understand and now I truly see the benefits….”

— Maris Villanueva, Atlas Enterprises, Pampa, TX

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The Unity of Real Estate & "Paper" Course

Solid, practical information and time-tested money-making strategies that can work for anyone, anytime.


Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro...

Make the Profitable Connection!

A sample of what you will learn:


• Getting a higher price for a property while selling faster


• Contract clauses that can enhance or detract from the value of the "paper"


• How to defer taxes on any gain using an installment sale


• What is a discounted note is and what are its components


• Analyzing a deal


• How to figure yields


• "Time value" of money concepts and why these are so important


• Screening and evaluating collateral of borrowers


• Taxation issues involving "paper"


• Proper paperwork & procedures for purchasing "paper"


• How to deal with bankruptcy


• "LTV" (loan to value) vs. "ITV" (investment to value)


• "Tweaking" terms for increased yields


• What type of title insurance is needed, what does it cover


• Using "paper" to both acquire & dispose of property

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