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Have lenders turned your clients down due to:

  • Weak income, unreported or documented income, excessive income to debt ratios?
  • Questionable or marginal credit, low credit scores, etc.?
  • A very limited or Low down payment?
  • Unstable employment, recent employment, Self employment?
  • A non conforming use property or some other "quirky" issues surrounding the collateral property?

With a willing and flexible property seller , when you have a situation where a prospective borrower does not meet traditional lender guidelines, let us be your alternative. We can make the difference in your client buying their property, closing the sale, and you making your commission!

  • Sunvest purchases Seller financed mortgages, deeds of trusts, and land contracts for cash.
  • The purchase of a private seller financed note can often be accomplished simultaneously with the with the sale of the property.

What can this mean for you?

More Money

Deals that otherwise would not get done, can now be put together


Your borrower can purchase a property regardless of not being able to qualify through a traditonal mortgage lender.
You have another profit center available to you and the opportunity to increase your income by utilizing seller financing as an alternative tool to structure tranasacions as well as an adjunct to your existing loan origination business.
You now have a reliable funding source that you can refer clients to. We can help those individuals who are already receiving payments on a privately held, seller carryback mortgage. When we close on our purchase, you get a pre-arranged referral fee. Itís fast and easy.

Call the Creative People with Creative Solutions at Sunvest to discuss your transaction and find out how we can be of service.

Ways to contact us

Phone: (707) 939-9450
Fax: (707) 939-8476
e-mail: mikem@sunvestinc.com

Sunvest Corporation
P.O.Box 1639
Sonoma, CA 95476