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Let the "Creative People with Creative Solutions" at SUNVEST lead you to quicker profits

Are you involved in the purchase and renovation of "fixer-upper" type properties, where you make improvements, and then sell for a profit? Does selling your properties quickly and having prospective buyers obtain financing sometimes turn out to be the eleventh hour proverbial missing piece of the puzzle? Let SUNVEST provide you with proven alternative financing methods for the purchase or sale of your real estate properties.

We understand the unique nature of your business and the reality that some of your best property acquisition deals will be negotiated more favorably if you can “sweeten” your offer to a motivated property seller with cash. If your cash is tied up in an existing property that has not yet sold then the opportunity cost of losing that next great deal can be profound. SUNVEST focuses on getting you cash and Fast. Let us show you the absolute fastest way we know to sell just about any property and furnish you your profits. Let us assist in providing you with the quickest way to once again achieve cash liquidity for a property you currently own and wish to sell fast.

At SUNVEST we specialize in the purchase of owner financed notes and contracts from Real Estate Investors across the nation. By agreeing to accept payments from the buyer over time you create a Real Estate secured note or contract which can be sold for cash. Often SUNVEST can purchase all or part of the payments due to you on that note right at the closing table providing you with your profits in cash or the funds you need for your next great investment.

Our expertise in working with Real Estate investors and property “rehabbers” makes us comfortable with the special terms and flexibility that are often a necessity in this business. We work with all property types, low down payments, less than perfect credit, and "sweat equity" or work for down payment programs. So the next time you’re missing the financing piece of the puzzle for the purchase or sale of your next investment property, Contact SUNVEST. We have experienced professionals available to find creative solutions to your financing needs!

Some common questions that we are asked by Real Estate Investors can be found here.