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Michael Morrongiello's

Dear Friend:

Real Estate values of the past few years have reached a frenzy in many parts of the country. Despite today's question-able uncertain economic times, tight employment, and stagnant wages, Real Estate values seem to endlessly escalate. The availability of loose, easy credit and relaxed Mortgage lending programs have contributed to this upward spiraling of prices. Some of the new mortgage lending programs being offered are downright scary, as they allow people to qualify solely on the basis of a low initial payment rather than on what they can truly afford. When rates rise, and they will, their mortgages will turn into money-gobbling monsters that can push these homeowners into payment shock, default and foreclosure almost overnight. Many folks are simply buying houses with prices they can't afford and if the economy falters or their incomes drop, they will be forced into financial distress. The past has shown us, Real Estate values and marketplaces runs in cycles. Regardless of whether we are in an "up", "sideways", or "downward" cycle, having the ability to put together transactions without involving traditional mortgage lenders or accepting their lending programs can give you the advantage you need to continue to operate during any cycle.

Let me assist you in separating theory from practical application while opening up your world to some of the numerous profitable ways Real Estate can be combined with a variety of "paper" and financing techniques.

If you are just getting started and have limited capital and experience, then find out ways to still gain access to funds that allow transactions to happen. You can buy for little or no cash down when you have financial knowledge. Find out why most savvy investors like to structure owner-financed transactions that provide powerful multiple benefits by controlling the transaction terms regardless of whether they are buying or selling.

From my 20+ years of experience, let me share with you some of the worst mistakes that you can make when dealing with Real Estate and "paper" and assist you in avoiding them. The wealth-building concepts and techniques covered in my material will work in any market.

Best to your success,

Every Real Estate Investor should have an understanding of the power of being able to couple Real Estate Transactions with Real Estate "Paper" and financing techniques. By combining Real Estate acquisition & disposition techniques with Real Estate "paper" you have the ability to out Negotiate, outmaneuver, and outsmart, much of your competition. With your understanding of some helpful "paper" financing techniques you will learn how to construct transactions that allow deals to happen. It's fairly easy to acquire properties in a good "buyers" market, and far easier in a down economy where uncertainties exist. However what about when the markets go through transition or turn? What if you can't sell? and/or How can you continue to buy in "red hot" marketplaces?

About Michael T. Morrongiello

Michael T. Morrongiello is an active investor who specializes in Real Estate & Real Estate "Paper" investments. He has bought, sold, or held for investment multiple properties in several states and thousands of Real Estate secured Mortgages securing all types of residential properties, apartments, mobile home parks, office buildings, development land, businesses, and commercial property. For over 20 years, he has conducted business in every state in the Union from Alaska to Hawaii and Florida to California. His tips, tricks, and traps articles often appear in industry publications like the American Cash Flow Journal, the Paper Source, Noteworthy Newsletter, Real Estate Link, and Creative Real Estate, and he has also appeared in the Wall Street Journal.

His family and he re-located to the "Valley of the Moon" wine country region of Sonoma, CA, and the greater San Francisco Bay Area which generally is considered to be one of the most expensive housing markets in the nation. He continues to implement creative money making techniques in this region. Having run a mortgage lending operation in the past, along with dealing in both Real Estate and Mortgage investments, he strongly believes in the powerful Unity that exists which allows solutions to be generated when Real Estate opportunities are creatively coupled with "paper." His firm Sunvest ( continues to invest in Real Estate secured "paper" today.

A sample of what you will learn:

• What is a discounted note and what are its components

• Analyzing a deal

• How to figure yields

• "Time value" of money concepts and why these are so important

• Screening and evaluating collateral of borrowers

• Taxation issues involving "paper"

• Proper paperwork & procedures for purchasing "paper"

• How to deal with bankruptcy

• "LTV" (loan to value) vs. "ITV" (investment to value)

• "Tweaking" terms for increased yields

• What type of title insurance is needed, what does it cover

• Using "paper" to both acquire & dispose of property

Here are a few of the topics that are covered:

Buy for Cash and Still Get Terms.
Yes, it's possible to negotiate favorable financing terms with property seller's and still fund them what they want - which of course is cash. Michael covers this concept in great detail.

• Achieve the best of both worlds

• Acquire properties with flexible terms and still be able to pay cash to the seller(s)

• Learn why Custom tailored can be better than "off the rack" financing

checkbox.gif 'Tis the Season or Not to Season?

There is a lot of misinformation about what specific variables are involved that comprise or make for good quality "paper." One cannot help but obtain a better feel for these issues from this course.

• Differences between green vs. seasoned "paper"?

• Is seasoning really an important issue?

• Does "seasoned" make a significant difference?

checkbox.gif Interest Twists.
There are numerous components that are involved in financing a deal that can be tweaked to make your transactions come together. Michael demystifies many of these...

• Daily, Monthly, Annually, etc.

• Compounding techniques

• Par, Premium, or Discount - what's better for you?

• Including Interest vs. with Interest

• Price Vs Interest vs. Time of Repayment

checkbox.gif How to Raise lump sums of Cash

Like a prudent farmer, you will figure out how to properly "sow the fields" for a future harvest.

• Create the deal after the deal...

• Buy Now, pay later

• Some Now, Some Later

checkbox.gif Deal Structuring Tips, Tricks & Traps

• What's your Game Plan?

• What are the right "specifications" one should use when creating their own "paper"?

• Institutional vs. Private "paper"

checkbox.gif Influence Property Sellers for profitable terms.

You will learn various techniques to use with buyers or sellers. What to say and how to say it to them for a particular situation.

• The what's-in-it-for-them approach

checkbox.gif A "Cookie Cutter" approach to selling Rehabbed properties.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you knew you always had a viable way to move just about any property regardless of economic times? Even if your marketplace has slowed down, you'll find out how to sell quickly, and for top dollar. After this course, you will learn:

• The (5) five F's ...

• Have a systematized approach to getting in, and getting out quickly

• Always have a potential exit strategy for your properties

checkbox.gif Cash Flow building Techniques?

From someone who "does what he says," Michael lays it out for you in easy to understand concepts. Learn how to earn big returns from your efforts.

• Using "paper" to create income now or in the future

• Create predictable income

• "Paper" as an investment vs. Real Estate

checkbox.gif Seasoning of Title Ownership - No problem.

• To flip or not to flip

• Ways to avoid this lender restriction and still operate

• Ground rules to follow

checkbox.gif Raising moneys for "down" payments.

Smart ways to raise cash, reduce risk, and get financial results

• Why is cash so important

• Unique ways to raise cash

• Use what you want...

checkbox.gif Selling fast with Limited fees or closing costs.

Proven techniques to sell quickly, easily, and for more profit

• Why hard money can be very costly money

• Getting the phone to ring

• Aggressive Marketing for any marketplace

• Shorten the Sales cycle

• Buyer & Seller Advantages & Distinctions with "Paper"

checkbox.gif Getting Top Retail prices in Weak Markets.

• Distinguishing your property from others

• What may be your only opportunity to sell

checkbox.gif The Certainty vs. Uncertainty of Lease Options.

So many Real Estate guru's are touting lease options, but what about the risks? Sure there is an upside, but there are numerous downside issues to consider. Michael shows you ways to handle the good, bad, and ugly.

• Buying or selling using lease options

• Hidden benefits and pitfalls

• Addressing Seller's concerns over their security

• Realizing your profit

checkbox.gif Creative "Paper" Clauses.

You can structure your deals many different ways. Often the "Devil is in the details." With some finer points covered, you will:

• Program future profits

• Enhance or Detract from your deals, you choose

• Have one place where to invest excess cash

checkbox.gif To Wrap or Not to Wrap?

What to use? When to use? Why to use? And more importantly How to use...Wrap-Around Mortgages, all-inclusive trust deed's (AITDs), contract for deeds, land contracts...

• Learn the Different Types of instruments and their nuances

• Wraps clearly defined and illustrated

• Where the real profit centers are with Wraps.

• What type of instrument should you be careful using?

checkbox.gif Wraps & Split Wraps.

• What is a Split Wrap?

• Let's print some of our own currency

checkbox.gif Ways to use paper to acquire "fixer" properties.

• What is "Creative Financing"?

• Show me the money (and one way to get it)

• Pay more and still profit

• Why your offer looks better than the competition

checkbox.gif Earning Property profits without ever buying the property.

Michael leads the way with this concept that others still have trouble recognizing.

• An often overlooked profit center

• Making marginal deals work for you and the seller

checkbox.gif The importance of using correct paperwork.

Included with the course on CD in both Microsoft Word and RTF formats are numerous forms, checklists, and legal documents that will save you time, headache, and frustration when attempting to put your transactions together.

• What to use and when

• Who's on your team?


Learn How to Generate More Profits out of Your Deals by Controlling the Terms Whether Buying or Selling

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro... The
Unity of Real Estate & "Paper" course covers a variety of solid practical information for investing in Real Estate and / or "paper." These time-tested money-making concepts can work for anyone, anytime. Stop buying, financing, and selling properties the traditional way, learn innovative strategies and techniques to profitably put together Real Estate & "paper" transactions. Learn how you can use "paper" for both the acquisition and disposition of properties. Detailed real world case studies with solutions are explored and discussed.


The Unity of Real Estate & "Paper" Course

Solid, practical information and time-tested money-making strategies that can work for anyone, anytime

Make the Profitable Connection!

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro...

Stop buying, financing and selling properties the traditional way

Learn to analyze the merits of a deal

Profit with defaulted/non-performing paper scenarios

Assist others in selling their properties

Learn how to use the right paperwork

Fine tune your use of "paper" for both the acquisition and disposition of properties

Buying, selling, brokering, or investing in "paper"? Learn what kind of title & fire hazard insurance to consider

How to evaluate Risk vs. Return

Understand the nuances of the various legal forms used, such as mortgage, trust deed, contract for deed and different types of promissory notes

Learn how to create exit strategies for your properties

Detailed real world case studies with solutions & calculations provided

Learn about taxation issues & owner financing

Over six hours of audio CDs, including answers to commonly asked questions

Numerous legal forms & checklists included (both printed versions and on CD)

Included with your Unity of Real Estate & "Paper" course book are the following bonuses:

Bonus #1

As a special bonus when you order your Unity course, you'll also receive absolutely FREE the phenomenal book "How to Make Money with Real Estate & Paper" (a $29.95 value). It's chocked full of additional ways to use "paper".


Bonus #2

Unlike other so-called "gurus," Michael is in the trenches every day practicing what he teaches, doing real estate and paper deals. He wants to work with you. Included with every course is a rebate certificate worth up to $500 when submitted to Michael's office along with a real estate or "paper" transaction that Michael's company partners with you to process, close, and fund. It's a win-win situation!

Do a deal and the course pays for itself!

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The normal price for the
Unity of Real Estate & "Paper" course is $499.
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