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Useful Forms for Seller Financed Transactions, Loans, Real Estate Transactions, etc.

The following sample forms are available for your viewing and are described below. The forms are provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The Adobe Acrobat Reader software is required to view these forms. The reader is available free of charge from

  1. FNMA 1003 Fannie Mae Uniform Residential Loan Application. Is widely used throughout the loan industry.
  2. Good Faith Estimate Provides a prospective borrower(s) with an estimate of the expected costs involved in financing their transaction.
  3. (TIL) Truth in Lending Disclosure REG Z Shows the prospective borrower(s) what their overall repayment costs are surrounding the financing.
  4. Borrowers Credit Authorization Form When signed by the prospective borrower(s), Authorizes you or whomever to be able to obtain credit information on those prospective borrower(s).
  5. Transfer of Servicing Disclosure Form If you intend on selling the financing you provided to borrower(s), this may be useful to be disclosed.
  6. (VOM) Verification of Mortgage Request form made to a prospective borrower(s) existing Mortgage lender to provide information on their loan account.
  7. (VOE) Verification of Employment- Request form made to a prospective borrower(s) past or present employer to provide information surrounding their employment.
  8. (VOR) Verification of Rent - Request form made to a prospective borrower(s) past of present Landlord to provide information about their rental history.
  9. Gift Letter A letter provided by any party that may have provided "gifted funds" to prospective borrower(s).
  10. W-9 Taxpayer ID Form- Confirms Taxpayer information for IRS use about prospective borrower(s).

Please Note: Sunvest International, Inc. does not provide legal, tax, economic, or investment advice. Sunvest International, Inc. also disclaims all liability for any action or inaction taken or not taken as a result of your decision to use any of these forms for transactional purposes. It is advised that each person should consult their own counsel, accountant and other advisors as to any legal, tax, economic, investment, and related matters concerning the use of any of these forms, or other issues surrounding real estate and other investments.